Moonlight Resort


Moonlight Resort will continue to be closed until further notice. Management will, however, assess the economic impact of the lockdown and next stages, as prescribed by the Namibian Government, to re-open once deemed feasible.

Located just 15km outside of town. This great atmosphere is only matched by the tasty dishes our chef prepares in the Old Rusty Bistro and Pub restaurant.  We welcome all visitors to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere while experiencing our outdoor amenities and facilities. 

Moonlight incorporate the finest amenities and facilities while still maintaining a  family-friendly atmosphere.   Activities include relaxation around our popular outside pool, pony rides, a tennis, volleyball and squash court, a billiard and snooker room, pool tables and an outside beer garden.

We also have facilities for conferences, team buildings, weddings, parties, concerts and year-end functions. Contact us for more information.